One of our great challenges in Western societies is digestive destruction.

Much of the food offered in stores and restaurants is inflammatory and lacking nutritional value; we often make unhealthy choices for breakfast (cereal for instance), lunch (sandwiches or take-away) and fluids (coffee and caffeinated teas). All this, plus unremitting stress for many, causes real gut dysfunction.

You might feel that your gut is a long way from your brain, but gut function has a profound influence on brain function, mood and energy. It is now known that our gut produces large amounts of dopamine and serotonin (among other neurotransmitters) that can influence our function and mood via a variety of mechanisms, including the vagus nerve. While it is thought that dopamine and serotonin produced in the gut cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, they can influence the hypothalamus which is outside that barrier.

Remember the hypothalamus? This is the “motherboard” of your brain and profoundly affects your level of wellness. My classes cover this in detail.

In order to produce optimal chemical reactions in our gut, we must provide it with excellent food and drink, remove any inflammatory/toxic foods from our choices, and make sure our bowel is cleared 2-3 times daily. This may mean using herbs, homeopathics or colon hydrotherapy to assist clearance. We may sometimes needs some assistance to heal or rebuild gut lining and improve digestion.

Without a healthy gut, our body and brain cannot be healthy. So make good choices and develop the guts to be well.

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John Coleman ND