“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain”; Vivian Greene.

When we develop a chronic disorder, like Parkinson’s disease, it feels as if the worst storm has hit our life. Everything changes. We are told that we will degenerate, need lots of medicine, lose control, and may need full-time care.

So we start to feel anxious, worried, stressed out about money and what we can’t do; or at least think we can’t do.

Hiding from the storm, and becoming anxious, simply makes the storm worse, and our symptoms escalate.

However, every day brings hope, joy, laughter and knowledge if we are prepared to look for it, and welcome all the wonderful things in each day. Some will be tiny – a glimpse of sunlight on a rainy day, a smile among miserable faces, the first flower in our garden; some will be huge – a hug from our grandchild, a visit from a friend, a tasty meal.

We have the choice to welcome and enjoy the good things in each day, and thank the hard things for the knowledge they bring us. This is “dancing” through life.

It’s easy to dance when life is lovely, warm and rewarding. But dancing then is simply enjoyable.

When it’s raining, dancing will help us see the blessings and joy around us.

How do we dance? We look for a joyful moment in each day, and we find it. We relish and are grateful for the moment. We allow that joy to colour even the hardest parts of our day. And, no matter how debilitated our body may be, we move – we can dance on our feet, in a chair, in bed, in any circumstance.

Dance when it’s sunny; dance even more when it rains.

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John Coleman ND