I saw a new patient this week who described themselves as a “gradualist” who practices “gradualism”.

They explained that this means that they prefer to develop a project step by step rather than exhausting themselves trying to finish everything in one day.

This is quite a sensible approach to health and recovery. We can create a plan to make food changes over three weeks or so as our food stocks deplete, begin meditation at 5 minutes per day, increasing over time to much longer, start exercising three days per week and slowly increase that to every day. This reduces the chance of becoming overwhelmed with all the changes required to be well.

However, “gradualism” should not be confused with procrastination – that is, deferring change because we are frightened or can’t be bothered. Change MUST be made if we are to be well.

The amount of change required varies from person to person but, if we are unwell, no matter what the original cause, there are factors in our lives that must be changed to create wellness.

I am happy to be a “gradualist”, but not a procrastinator.
Celebrate change!!

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John Coleman ND