A patient told me this week that “I’m sticking to your diet. I don’t understand why I’m not getting better”.

“So,” I said, “you eat no grains or animal dairy products, sugar, caffeine, alcohol or additives. Is that right? And you have a high protein breakfast, eat lots of fresh vegetables, avocado and quinoa, right?”

“Well”, they said, “I only have one cup of coffee a day with skinny milk and no sugar. And I have gluten free muesli for breakfast with some nuts and seeds. I like a beer sometimes – that doesn’t do any harm, surely!”

I pointed out to them, as I do to everyone, that patient compromises do not affect me at all. They do, however, compromise your health.

If we want to be well, we must think well, love well, eat well and live well. There is no other way.

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John Coleman ND