I am a firm believer in healthy scepticism about anything and everything.

That is, it can be healthy and informative to question commonly held beliefs, “common knowledge” and newly introduced information that is not fully explained.

On the other hand, healthy scepticism implies that we actually research the matter we are sceptical about, and are prepared to support information adequately proven. We will even be prepared to change our view where sufficient evidence is available

Many so-called sceptics criticise my work and program. These are usually people belonging to some sort of sceptics’ society which blindly accepts all western medicine as “evidence based” and complementary medicine as “quackery”. Others say that my story can’t be true because it is not promoted by doctors.

I am writing more extensively about this elsewhere but here is the brief version:
About 11% of western medicine is fully proven while over 50% lacks any credible evidence (British Medical Journal). A significant proportion of complementary medicine is supported by double blind placebo controlled trials, while much more is supported by clinical evidence (as is most western medicine).

There are “quack medicines” promoted by unscrupulous people – both in western pharmaceutical medicine and complementary medicine. Therefore we need to be sceptical about all claims, and investigate them thoroughly.

Many doctors, universities, hospitals and Parkinson’s associations have been offered my story, research, and body, but none have even bothered to read the material or reply to my offers.

On the other hand, a prominent neurologist has written to me saying “I am also aware that your approach to helping people with Parkinson’s has been supportive and complementary and many of my patients have found it to be very helpful.”

Let us be sceptical and wary of outlandish claims from any form of medicine, but do our research and embrace those strategies that are shown to be enhancing to health.

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John Coleman ND