“If you want a simple way to unlock the unfathomable deep dark mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease then this could be the end of your tiresome search.”


By August 1995,John Coleman had lost his power of speech and was wondering how he could go on living. Suffering symptoms of stage IV Parkinson‘s disease and early stage Multi-system Atrophy, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, he was unable to walk more than 5 metres without assistance and took up to an hour and a half to dress himself. Severely dissatisfied with the treatment and prognosis he received from western medical practitioners, John decided to pursue other pathways to health. With the aid of Homeopathy, Aqua Hydration Formulas, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Flower Essences, Counselling, Meditation and Spiritual Development, John was completely symptom-free by April 1998 and remains symtpom free today.

But there was no way I was going to accept that. So I embarked on a journey of discovery, consulted doctors and complementary health practitioners, read hundreds of scientific studies and abstracts in the hope that they could unlock the secrets to beating this awful disease.

But none of them could give me the answers I needed, and I realized that I would have to find my own solution.

My Recovery from Parkinson’s Disease

I am writing to you today to tell you about how I recovered from Parkinson’s Disease.

Today I am completely symptom free and enjoys great health. After winning his own battle against Parkinson’s Disease, I have gone on to help hundreds of other sufferers of this cruel disease improve their health, reverse their symptoms and reduce medication usage, using the natural regimen I devised. In fact, many have completely recovered their health.

Why did I recover when so many had tried and failed before him? Was it the Aquas that took a little while before their full benefit became apparent? Was it the accumulation of many therapies that just happened to coincide at that time? I am certain that the whole of his journey is important and it is almost impossible to separate the effect of each therapy/experience from the whole.

My 12-step Parkinson’s Recovery Program is a compilation of all the knowledge and understanding I gained during my own journey to health, presented in a simple and practical way to help you reverse your own symptoms and move towards living without symptoms.


  • Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy (Australian College of Natural Medicine)

  • Certificate Bowen Therapy

  • Certificate Neurostructural Integration Technique (advanced Bowen Therapy)


  • Tattersall’s Award for founding Very Special Kids – 1984

  • ANPA Professional Excellence Award for Community Education – 2005

  • Herald Sun Pride of Australia Medal – Finalist, Courage Section – 2007



  • Body, Mind & Soul – cable TV in Canada, UK and parts of USA
  • Today Tonight; “Living With Parkinson’s” – 19th March 2012


  • ABC Radio National – “Life Matters”; 2005

  • ABC regional radio (5 interviews); 2005

  • 3AW; 2005


  • Engaged to present at International Bowen Webinar mid 2013

  • Engaged to present at World Massage Conference, November 2013


  • Herald Sun, January 1999

  • Diversity Magazine (3 stories)

  • Living Now Magazine (2 stories)

  • Healthy Living and Vegetarian Review magazine (2 stories)

  • Health and Wellness magazine (1 story)

  • Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Journal.


  • 6th Multi Disciplinary Conference on Parkinson’s Disease

  • 5 National Bowen Therapy Conferences

My symptoms at early August 1995

  • Muscular rigidity in neck, shoulders, back – bilateral but predominantly right side.
  • Pain in neck shoulders and back – bilateral but worse on right side.
  • Weakness in most muscles.
  • Intermittent and fluctuating tachycardia/bradycardia/arrhythmia.
  • I felt as if I was constantly trying to walk against the current in chest high water.
  • Weakness in most muscles.
  • Difficulty in initiating actions, e.g. rising from a chair, starting to walk, opening a cupboard.
  • “Freezing” – I used tricks to turn corners, walk through doorways, etc.
  • Intermittent back spasm.
  • Reduced visual acuity – I had great difficulty reading newspapers for instance.
  • Appetite fluctuations without apparent cause.
  • Gastric reflux.
  • Loss of libido and/or impotence.
  • Tremor at rest in head and hands with “pill rolling” – bilateral but worse right side.
  • Right leg dragged when walking.
  • Right side of face “frozen” – it did not respond when I smiled or changed expression; I tended to speak from the left side of my mouth.
  • Incoherent and/or stammering speech at a low level. However I could sing quite coherently.
  • Right shoulder largely immobile – my arm did not swing when I walked and I was unable to use the arm properly even for simple tasks.
  • Ataxia.
  • Great fatigue which fluctuated to a small degree with blood sugar levels.
  • Clumsiness and tendency to drop things.
  • Dizzy spells, disorientation and “absences”.
  • My judgement of speed and distance was poor so I had difficulty crossing roads.
  • Driving was risky but the only feasible means of transport.
  • Twitching and spasms when relaxed – e.g. in bed.