Recovery Steps 1-4

“If you, or someone you love, suffers from Parkinson’s disease, then this is going to be some of the most important information you’ll ever read.!”

Step 1 – Understand how Parkinson’s Disease develops and why your body has chosen this expression of sickness.

The cause and development of Parkinson’s Disease is not really understood by western medicine. But here’s the simple explanation as understood by natural practitioners. When we find ourselves in a circumstance where our body (at a subconscious level) senses danger or instability, we produce large quantities of adrenal hormones.

These chemicals profoundly change the distribution of fluids around the body and prepare us to fight or run away from danger (the “fight/flight response”). Action (fighting or running) resolves this response and chemical production returns to normal. Maintaining the fight/flight response can be damaging. And so your body responds by producing symptoms that have may be diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease or another, similar disorder.

Step 2 – Start loving your self. Recognize your beauty, wisdom and skills, and talk to yourself about them.

Our thoughts have a profound influence on the way our brain functions, what chemicals we produce and in what quantities. Thinking well of ourselves can change our health status by enhancing production of “good” neurotransmitters and reducing production of “harmful” hormones.

Each of us has developed a sense of unimportance. We have dedicated ourselves, in some way, to people or factors outside ourselves. Perhaps this is a dedication to our family; to work or a career; to a charity or “cause”. In each case, we sublimate our physical and psychological needs to the needs of others.

Step 3 – Take the Aqua Hydration Formulas to enhance hydration and repair of brain cells.

The Aqua Hydration Formulas are unique remedies that can help us change the way our brains produce chemicals and move towards a “normal” production of neurotransmitters. They activate water uptake and absorption functions in our brain, so distributing water to cells that are dehydrated. This helps restore production of dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Developed for endurance athletes in Australia, they are now recognized and a pivotal remedy for those recovering from Parkinson’s disease and similar challenges.

Drinking too little water is recognized by many authorities as a most significant factor in the development of many chronic disorders. We need at least 1.5 litres of clean water each day for good health.

Step 4 – Begin Bowen Therapy with a qualified practitioner/therapist.

Appropriate bodywork can bring relief from pain and stiffness, increase mobility, assist balance and blood pressure control, or simply make us feel better. But which one will assist your recovery from Parkinson’s Disease? There are a range of natural bodywork modalities that can assist in your recovery from Parkinson’s Disease, including Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Bowen, and Feldenkrais. But Bowen Therapy is arguably the most effective.

Bowen is an Australian developed bodywork to enhance cell hydration, mobility, peizo-electric balance and wellbeing. The originator, Thomas Bowen, treated many people challenged with chronic degenerative disorders. It has played a significant role in the recovery and/or improvement in health for thousands of people in over 20 countries.